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We transport your loads in the fastest and safest way with our domestic shipping network.In addition to our own vehicle fleet, the virtual vehicle fleet we have created with our business partners increases the number of our fleet vehicles to over 1000.Complete or partial shipments anywhere in Turkey with our alternative you have been serving our customers.


We provide turnkey services from warehousing to transport and from transport to warehousing with years of knowledge in Logistics Storage and our 50,000 square meter storage portfolio. In addition, we also provide services in logistics sub-service categories such as handling, porter, packaging, etc.


We meet all the needs of our customers with our knowledge at every stage of the customs clearance process.We are with you at every stage of your foreign trade transactions with over 50 companies that we work as a partner, each of which is at the forefront of their field. You just decide what to sell, it is up to us to finalize the transaction..

About Us

Yentaş Logistics is a reliable logistics company that ensures the right product in the right amount, in the right way, in the right time and in the right way, in the chain from raw materials to the consumer. It is a logistics infrastructure that creates and offers the most suitable solutions for the needs of your customers from among the customs and logistics warehouse alternatives in its portfolio.

With 50,000 square meters of storage space alternatives, we guarantee the storage and shipment needs in the region with years of knowledge and experience while keeping costs to a minimum..

Yentaş Logistics is among the leading companies in domestic or urban transportation. Our company, which has experienced management and personnel from the beginning to the end, ensures that all our customers are constantly informed with vehicle tracking systems and that the loads reach the relevant targets in confidence. We guarantee a flawless distribution network with well-equipped facilities and professional employees.

Why Us ?

Yentaş Philosophy

You should choose us because; Customer satisfaction is the most important to us.We are aware that this is the most important principle that has brought us to these days with success in the Logistics Sector, which we have been aware of since the very beginning that the biggest gain is customer satisfaction.

You should choose us because; we ensure that our work is carried out in line with the knowledge of our customers from the beginning to the end..

You should choose us because;we do not do everything we do to earn money, sometimes we are there.

Our Vehicle Fleet

Yentaş Logistics Machine Park

With Yentaş vehicles equipped with 1st class equipment, it has been our main goal to carry out transportation operations in the best conditions from the moment we receive your cargo to the delivery, so we do not miss any details and periodically inspect all functions of our vehicles and transportation equipment.

All of our vehicles are insured.We are on the way to provide the damage without hurting our customers from any possible damage in our vehicles, which are insured much more than the cargo we carry.

Transporting goods with Yentaş is no different from sitting back and watching a good movie on TV. With Yentaş, you can make hundreds of shipments without your mind.

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Yentaş Logistics Service Headlines

Domestic Shipping

With our self-owned vehicles and partner vehicles, we transport your complete truck or partial cargo at affordable prices and safely.We provide fast, safe and affordable services with the shipping network we have created in Turkey..

Overseas shipping

With our overseas shipping network, we meet all your transportation needs, including complete truck or partial transportation.We offer the most suitable and safe transportation alternatives to our customers with Yentaş quality with our international shipping network partners.

Logistic Storage

With our contracted storage alternatives with a storage capacity of more than 20 and a total storage capacity of over 250,000 square meters, we store all your free warehouse needs according to the characteristics of your material and at affordable prices.

Customs and Port Services

With years of knowledge and experience in Customs and Port services, we professionally manage all the processes of your materials, as well as the storage and shipment stages, and provide the most cost-effective and turnkey service.

7/24Logistics with Yentaş

We Don't Have Working Hours We Work 24 Hours.

As Yentaş Logistics, we have never needed a certain working hour interval. We know that the logistics business takes 24/7 due to its nature. In this direction, we continue to work every hour of the day due to the possibility of working 24 hours a day, as well as following the operations we carry out during the day

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